Robinson helicopters R44 and R66

The Robinson is the world's best-selling lightweight helicopter since it was released in 1993.

It is a high performing and reliable aircraft, capable of carrying out different types of missions and aerial works, such as aerial photography or filming, aerial inspections, advertising, passenger transportation, etc.

The R44 version has capacity for 1 pilot and 3 passengers and has a reciprocating engine, while the R66 has capacity for 1 pilot and 4 passengers and has a gas turbine. Both models are equipped with a two-bladed main rotor system.

For sightseeing flights, it is the ideal helicopter since it has a wide windshield that allows a panoramic view to the front, plus large curved windows on the sides.

Hop on in one of our Helitours to share this wonderful activity with our pilots and flight instructors and enjoy the most impressive views of Buenos Aires.


  • Helicopter rental Buenos Aires Power plant: 1 x 225hp / 245hp / 300shp
  • How much does it cost to rent a helicopter Cruise speed: 185 km/h - 100 kt
  • Rates of helicopter rental Range: 3 hours of flight
  • Sightseeing tours by helicopter Capacity: 3 / 4 passengers
  • Price of helicopter tours Baggage: only hand luggage

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